Spincycle – Comedy Series

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A 30-minute Episodic Comedy Series Media stars, actors, models, sporting heroes, reality TV contestants and social media in influencers – anyone with a story to sell – needs the best representation. “Maxine J Pepper” is …


“Stunt Masters” Television Reality Series

Everyone loves watching movies. Audiences are fascinated by the behind the scenes extras on how movie magic is made. Stunt Masters pushes this phenomena into a new realm of reality TV. Judd Wild has been an …


“Convict” Television Drama Series

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A six part one hour television series. When Englishman William Buckley is sentenced for theft in 1803 he is transported half way round the world to a penal colony on the verge of starvation and chaos. He …


“AD BREAK” Reality Television Series

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A reality TV show for the media savvy Gen Y. Every week passionate young contestants create national ad campaigns for Australia’s top brands.Each show the talented creatives are presented with a different product to sell. …