“SOLD” Feature Film – A Hostage Drama

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When the Miller brothers are evicted from their family farm, they meet with their bank manager. Violence erupts. The police arrive. The situation quickly escalates as the brothers take hostages. What follows is a desperate …


“Death Defier” Feature Film

Psychiatrist Doctor Lucy Edwards treats a teenage boy for schizophrenia. When he ritually sacri ces a dog his mother stops treatment and organizes an exorcism. Dean Maddox, a PHD student from the University of Mexico, …


“Wombat Boy” Feature Film

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A Feature Film inspired by a true story. Genre: Adventure/Coming of age When a young boy is bullied on a school camp he must wander the bush at night to escape his tormentors. He becomes …


Spincycle – Comedy Series

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A 30-minute Episodic Comedy Series Media stars, actors, models, sporting heroes, reality TV contestants and social media in influencers – anyone with a story to sell – needs the best representation. “Maxine J Pepper” is …


“Stunt Masters” Television Reality Series

Everyone loves watching movies. Audiences are fascinated by the behind the scenes extras on how movie magic is made. Stunt Masters pushes this phenomena into a new realm of reality TV. Judd Wild has been an …


“Convict” Television Drama Series

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A six part one hour television series. When Englishman William Buckley is sentenced for theft in 1803 he is transported half way round the world to a penal colony on the verge of starvation and chaos. He …


“AD BREAK” Reality Television Series

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A reality TV show for the media savvy Gen Y. Every week passionate young contestants create national ad campaigns for Australia’s top brands.Each show the talented creatives are presented with a different product to sell. …


CodyCat; Singer, Artist & Cat

He’s a Cat, Artist & Singer using Music & Social media to help him reach an international audience.


“Cinemania” Animated Movie Review Series

‘Cinemania’ reinvents the film review show for a global audience. Our panel of animated dead stars, monsters and legendary characters argue, insult and gossip over the latest films from Hollywood. The show is saturated in a …