“Death Defier” Feature Film

Psychiatrist Doctor Lucy Edwards treats a teenage boy for schizophrenia. When he ritually sacri ces a dog his mother stops treatment and organizes an exorcism. Dean Maddox, a PHD student from the University of Mexico, arrives to help Lucy medically supervise the ritual. Unknown to Lucy, Dean’s family was slain by the supernatural entity that now possesses the boy. Dean has become a shaman in order to confront the evil menace. Feared in Mexico, the Death Defier is the spirit of the 3,000-year-old Toltec sorcerer that has possessed and killed countless times over the millennia in order to fuel its immortality. As a woman of science Lucy rejects any supernatural explanation, but as the Death De er calls forth his henchmen she is forced to confront the impossible. She teams up with Dean against the Death Defier. The ensuing battle spirals out of control and threatens to unleash destruction on the whole universe…


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