“Cinemania” Animated Movie Review Series

‘Cinemania’ reinvents the film review show for a global audience. Our panel of animated dead stars, monsters and legendary characters argue, insult and gossip over the latest films from Hollywood. The show is saturated in a wicked, street-talking attitude as each character clashes as they express their passionate perspective on the cinematic merit of the latest releases. In the pilot, everybody’s favourite crazy scientist, Albert Einstein hosts the show with special guests Cyclops and child star Shirley Temple. The panel debate the drama, narrative and style of the films, creating an informative and very funny exposé. They will also let slip outrageous gossip about the stars and the business behind the movies. The special guest reviewers change to match the specific genre of the film. You get a film review, film clips and a slice of surreal wackiness all packed into one dynamic three minute punch.