“Stunt Masters” Television Reality Series

Everyone loves watching movies. Audiences are fascinated by the behind the scenes extras on how movie magic is made. Stunt Masters pushes this phenomena into a new realm of reality TV. Judd Wild has been an action junkie since growing up on a farm in the Snowy Mountains. He’s moved to Sydney to make it in the Australian film industry as a stunt performer. Stunt Masters follows Judd as he lives his dream of crashing cars, jumping off buildings and setting himself on fire! Each show introduces a different ‘stunt master’ to push Judd to new heights of daring. Collectively, they have worked on all of the biggest films shot in Australia over the last teen years. The audience follows the team conceive, prepare and execute amazing stunts inspired by their favourite films. Judd’s blend of athleticism, charisma and cheeky Australian humour will connect with both sexes across a wide demographic. Stunt Masters has a unique broad appeal, the ‘brains’ of MythBusters combined with the ‘danger’ of Man vs Wild.

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